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Remember the cheesy romantic comedy overboard with Goldie Hawn and her guy….. I forget his name at the moment. Kurt Russell, I think.   The part where she is on the porch, in a trance after cutting trees with a … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween, Blog Dorks!

I have been thinking all weekend about another story to share. A few come to mind, but I don’t know if they are really all that blog-worthy or not. So, I’ll just coast a bit and do the “What’s On … Continue reading

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Lois Lane, To The Rescue!

No matter how hard they try, television and movies just can’t quite seem to get the realities of working in the news-related industry right. Whether they are portraying a magazine, a newspaper, or even a television station, they always make … Continue reading

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Guitar Cases, White Shirts, And a Bottle of Tequila

So there I was. Rocking out to my favorite local band, Talon. Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard of them, right? Lubbock’s early-90s hottest metal band? Their biggest hit was “Face Down in the Gutter?” Ring a bell? OK, maybe not. … Continue reading

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The Truth, Revealed

I got another email today from another recent college grad asking yet another question about how to work at the magazine. How they find me, and just me, I don’t know. And why they think my title has anything to … Continue reading

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Random Stuff On My Mind

I am "composing," if you will, an entry that is big, and will probably continue on for a few days. But, I just don’t have the energy to write it yet.   Therefore, I am just going to stay true … Continue reading

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Hey All You Party People!

Ahhh yes….. I remember the days. The days when Monday night was studying, then a beer. Tuesday night was peel and eat shrimp on the patio…. and beer. Wednesdays….. Power Hour night at our favorite Country and Western Bar. VIP … Continue reading

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