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Quick Morning Randomness

It’s amazing how much can be packed in to  2 1/4 days of the weekend. I know they are supposed to be for relaxing, but that’s rarely the case around here. And that’s OK. This was a weekend that was … Continue reading

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Cabo, Baby

Not much time for a new entry, but most of the cabo pics are up. More to come, I hope.   Too much to do….. so does this count as an entry for today?   Cheers.    

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Top ‘O The Morning To Ya!

Why I used that title, I don’t know.   Yes, I am in a goofy mood. This is a quickie because the chaos that is the life of a working mother (same thing) is about to begin. I sort of … Continue reading

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What I Swore I Wouldn’t Do…

    ….. is only blog about my daily life. Yet here I go again, writing about my little world. Part of me feels like I should explain why I have been MIA, another part of me just wants to … Continue reading

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A Rollercoaster of Emotion

This describes me perfectly this weekend.   Just about the time I was starting to feel a little sorry for my ex and wonder how I might be responsible for his pain, I get word that he heard I emailed … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Ask For

I was in contact this week with an old friend of mine from my "old life."   I reached out to her by finding her through a little research and then emailing her. I’ve missed her friendship through the years. … Continue reading

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Title Goes Here

Sorry, I can’t think clearly enough right now to come up with a catchy title.   Blame it on the over-consumption of tequila which obviously led to some brain cell destruction.   Either that or the mother of a sunburn … Continue reading

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