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We’ve got a new home!

WOOHOO!!!  We’ve got a new home .. we’ll keep this site up for a short while but please make note of our new location: See You There!! Advertisements

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Days like this are the kind of days that have me questioning everything, mostly myself. I have come so far, and just about the time I think I’m gaining momentum, I hit a speed bump emblazoned with the letters…. FAIL. … Continue reading

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Scary as Hell

Because I’m on deadline, naturally, I watched some really bad and unnecessary television today. Two shows, in particular, scared shows the hell out of me. Nightmares to ensue. The first show was one of those investigative channel, figure-out-why-she-died type of … Continue reading

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Losing It

When I served my oldest daughter two plates of spaghetti in a row last night, I was finally convinced that, yes, maybe I need a break. On autopilot, as usual, I prepared (a mostly out of a box) dinner for … Continue reading

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A Little Advice?

A friend of mine from college recently revealed he’s having trouble in his marriage and admitted that he thinks the problems are mostly his fault. He has followed my blog for awhile and heard through mutual friends about my life. … Continue reading

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Layla, The Lizard…and Other Animal Tales

Go ahead and wonder what the hell is wrong with me when I make this statement: “I don’t really like animals.” There, I said it. Hit delete or read on. I come by this honestly. My mother doesn’t like animals, … Continue reading

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I really miss Zoloft. It was like a fluffy pillow protecting me from life’s jagged edges. I would hit them, but it didn’t really hurt. Now when I hit them, it hurts like hell.   I wonder what the hell … Continue reading

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